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Young Sheldon The prequel to The Big Bang Theory

young sheldon series

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Young Sheldon The prequel to The Big Bang Theory

The series begins on CBS with the exclusive premiere of the first episode of “Young Sheldon”: Sheldon Cooper’s childhood story of “The Big Bang Theory”, which will show how this character, from a young age, revealing his advanced intelligence, his strange manias and a personality as indescribable as extremely amusing.

It is 1989 and Sheldon is part of a family, like any that can be found in Galveston. George is the father of the family and has some labor problems; George Jr. is the older brother and certainly does not have Sheldon’s brain; Missy is the twin sister, who does not lose occasion to say that he had nine months between his legs; and Mary is the worried mother of the whole family and a fervent Christian who wants to bring religion to every aspect of life.

But he also understands that Shelly, as he likes to call it, is a special person and does his best to defend him from an environment in which he simply does not fit .

young sheldon preview

In spite of being nine years old, Sheldon already dreams of being a reputed theoretical physicist that revolutionizes the world of science, although in case that fails already has a contingency plan: to take advantage of his love for the trains, to be a machinist, a ticket cutter or an operator of a railway network.

But to be fair, his intellectual development already transits at levels uncommon to those of a child his age. From the beginning he goes on the same course of George, which is already a problem in the relationship of both.

Their teachers, far from admiring it, are intimidated by their intelligence, and instead of exploiting their abilities they prefer to complain to the management of the school that they are exposed to ridicule in all that they try to teach in their courses. At home, meanwhile, experiments and responses to physical phenomena have more fluidity than games and pranks of anyone at that age.

The brilliance of his brain contrasts early with his manias. His clothes are unconventional and prefers some formalisms that make him look like a stranger. For Sheldon that’s no problem, because the rest of the people do not have a dress code. You also do not feel comfortable taking the hands of your family, as bacteria and diseases are always a threat, at least until many years later when soaps are made with alcohol that do not need rinsing. But his noble heart is capable of overcoming these infections if that can brighten the sad heart of his father.

“Young Sheldon” is a new creation by Chuck Lorre, responsible for hits such as “The Big Bang Theory”, “Two And a Half Men”, “Mum” and “Mike & Molly”, and has active participation and production executive of Jim Parsons, who gives life to the adult Sheldon Cooper. The cast of the series is composed of Iain Armitage (Sheldon), Zoey Perry (Mary), Lance Barber (George Cooper), Annie Potts (Meemaw), Raegan Revord (Missy) and Wyatt McClure (Billy Sparks) among others.

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