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The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead to Crossover

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The Walking Dead & Fear The Walking Dead to Crossover

Did you hear that The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead are having a crossover? That’s right! They are. The Walking Dead series and its spinoff Fear the Walking Dead are finally going to have a crossover. During the beginning of Comic Con in New York City, the panel of The Walking Dead revealed to the media that there will be, indeed, a crossover between the two AMC shows and both based on the comic book created by Robert Kirkman.

the walking dead and fear

Robert Kirkman stated There is one character that is going to go from one show, that I will not name, to another show, that I will not name. This is a huge event in the world of The Walking Dead. The crossover is expected to occur within next year.

If you didn’t know Fear of the Walking Dead, it is a post- apocalyptic horror drama series created by Robert Kirkman and Dave Erickson. This series is a companion series and a prequel to The Walking Dead TV series. The first season only had six episodes. The second season had 15 episodes and the third season had 16 episodes which aired on June of 2017.

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The set was initially in Los Angeles, California, then later on in Mexico. The series is about a dysfunctional and blended family composing of high school guidance counselor, Madison Clark, Travis Manawa her English teacher boyfriend, her daughter Alicia, Nick her son who is also a drug addict, Chris who is the son of Travis from his previous relationship, and Liza Ortiz the mother of Chris. They must reinvent themselves, adopting new attitudes, and learning new skills in order to survive a collapsing civilization that is also infested with flesh eating monsters.

Kirkman was very limited in terms of the details for the upcoming crossover of The Walking Dead series and Fear the Walking Dead series stating We have finally gotten to a place [ with Fear of the Walking Dead ] where we can play with some things. A source confirms that both the shows would coincide some time next year. The likelihood of the crossover between The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead is tantalizing and exciting, most especially when the comments of Kirkman during the San Diego Comic Con when he pointed out that Fear the Walking Dead takes place roughly around the time of the first season and the beginning of the second season of the Walking Dead. The Walking Dead eighth season is theoretically taking place in the seventh season of Fear of the Walking Dead.. Right now the timelines of both the show are so different that it is impossible.

Besides the news about the crossover, the gathering of The Walking Dead also included a clip of the 100th episode which was previously unseen. Paying attention to the early history of the show, the scene showed Carl Grimes approaching a deserted gas station stealthily, with a gun drawn and somehow a person lurking nearby.

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