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The Walking Dead and The Punisher Engage In Twitter Battle



The Walking Dead and The Punisher Engage In Twitter Battle

Did you hear about the twitter war between The Walking Dead and The Punisher? It all started when the producer of The Walking Dead, Gale Anne Hurd, approved of Jon Bernthal to play Frank Castle in an upcoming TV series in Netflix, The Punisher. A little back story about the The Punisher. The Punisher is based on the MARVEL comics and is also set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They share continuity with the other films and TV series of the Marvel franchise. The TV series is being produced by Marvel Television with the partnership of ABC studios.

The Twitter accounts of The Walking Dead and The Punisher made back and forth tweets about the past performance of Jon Bernthal. Before landing the role as The Punisher, Bernthal, played as Shane Walsh in the post apocalyptic hit TV series. He played as the best friend of Rick Grimes played by Andrew Lincoln, who turns out to be having an affair with his wife, Lori played by Sarah Wayne Callies. He only appeared in 19 episodes of The Walking Dead. Regardless of this, the Twitter account of the series would not let go of the what happened and letting people be reminded of the ugly past of Shane Walsh. On Twitter, with The Punisher skyrocketing the marketing for the forthcoming premier of the TV series on Netflix.

The Walking Dead decided to prank the show by replying to one of its tweets which showed the promotional poster of Jon Bernthal with the caption “Read between the lines. #ThePunisher. They replied with “Well just assume it says Im Judiths real father.


The Twitter account of The Punisher replied to the response of The Walking Dead with a GIF of Frank Castle looking really distressed and remorseful at the same time, the official profile of Netflix also wrote back on the post with “dont punish dead inside. Because of this, fans have quickly gained interest on their conversation that some would reply to the post or send a really hilarious meme as a reaction of The Walking Dead denouncing The Punisher but in a non- personal and jokingly way. Meanwhile, other fans try to make a conspiracy theory about connecting the two shows together wherein Frank Castle went to New York to seek revenge after losing his family, moved to a residential area, made friends with Rick, worked as a cop and then the outbreak of the zombie apocalypse happened and then had an affair with Lori before meeting his ugly end from the TV series. Regardless of the twitter battle, it benefits both the TV series to help them prepare and gear up for their separate TV airing. For The Punisher, it is a unique and clever promo to add up a brand new dynamic on how to get the people excited about a new TV series. For The Walking Dead, celebrates its 100th episode as the opening for their upcoming 8th season and this brings nostalgia to the fans.

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