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Riverdale Season 2 Premieres October 11th

Riverdale Season 2 Preview

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Riverdale Season 2 Premieres October 11th

New dangers and intrigues surround Archie Andrews and his friends, who promise to remain so cunning as to solve new mysteries. Riverdale season 2 airs Wednesday, October 11th.

A small town in which all are known is rather a hell in which its members accumulate hatred and resentment that put everyone in danger. Secrets are recurring elements in many of the mysteries that play their cards involving innocent and guilty, and where death, planned evil and egos are ingredients that add cards that your players must play as true experts.

Oblivious to this fickle pollution, Archie and his group of friends seem immune to the unfolding of events, which in one way or another allows them to approach the truth of so much mystery to be revealed.

The Jason Blossom riddle was solved. And other truths also came on the scene as triggers of the case. The murderer was neither Jughead nor FP. Nor was it a matter of the Veronica Lodge family. Neither were Betty Cooper’s parents involved.

The murderer was none other than Jason’s dad, who made the decision after his son discovered that the family business was not making maple syrup but drug trafficking.

A case that started, as a simple disappearance, but on the way left Betty’s sister pregnant, Cooper related to the Blossom, Archie starting a relationship with Veronica, and Jughead in love with Betty. Two final scenes that will mark the development of this new season: the attack suffered by Archie’s father and his life at stake, and the control of the Blossom family, taken by Cheryl, after discovering the truth of the family business and igniting his mansion.

Now a new danger stalks Riverdale. The masked attacker who intimidated Pop Tate and shot Fred Andrews will continue to mark the turn of Archie and his friends, especially to discover his identity. Details that will undoubtedly open a series of intrigues and secrets that will be made public.

On the other hand, the power of the Blossom family is now in the hands of Cheryl, who after her father’s suicide, family and economic disaster, must assume her strong personality and seek a new direction for her powerful surname, if not the same. Meanwhile, the group of friends will continue to revolve around Archie, who must understand and accept the role that each of them have for him. It will be time to consolidate things with Veronica or be attentive to whether Betty is still in love with him. Although Jughead, his great friend, seems to have found a better match with her.

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