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Reserve your armchair for the 13th season of “Supernatural”

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Reserve your armchair for the 13th season of “Supernatural”


Lucifer’s confinement and the birth of his son give rise to new challenges for the Winchester brothers.

For the Winchester brothers, hunting does not involve going through forests looking for imprisoned prey in a day of relaxation. When they are on the ground they move in a scenario from which anybody would run from the slightest suggestion of paranormal situations.

In this world there are evil specters, devils, monstrous beings, fallen angels , unscrupulous bastards and all kinds of beings that have powers, project arsenals of pyrotechnics and incantations of any horror film.

But for Sam and Dean this is like going out on a picnic with a basket full of food and having time to take a nap by the river. Their objective is to hunt down all kinds of repulsive, malignant, perverse, inhuman, ferocious, sinister and beastly beings, and the truth is that they have a lot of talent. “Supernatural” premieres its thirteenth season on Warner Channel on Sunday, October 15 at 10:00 p.m.

The birth of Lucifer’s son marked the end of the previous season, which provided one of his most epic battles. After the birth,  a gap was created in time and space that could serve to lock Lucifer, since it was a desolate place in which angels and demons battle.

To this Dean, Sam and Crowley planned a trap for the evil enemy to cross the portal, where they would be in charge of locking him with a spell. This spell involved the sacrifice of a human life. What the Winchesters did not suspect was that Crowley himself would take that road .

While this was happening, Castiel entered the alternate world to secure Lucifer’s confinement and save the brothers. Back to reality, Dean and Sam were able to see Castiel coming out, just as Lucifer, who also managed to escape, murdered him in the back .

At that moment Mary appeared, the mother of the boys, who pushed the demon back towards the portal, but the devil dragged her with him as the gap closed. After this initial shock, the Winchester’s went to the cabin where Kelly, already dead, had just given birth to Jack, Lucifer’s son . But they did not find a baby, but a grown child who returned a sinister smile.

The thirteenth season of “Supernatural” will have the brothers Dean and Sam Winchester in hard battles against all types of demons, while some doubts that were raised in season 12 are solved.

Like the fate of Lucifer, who is locked in an alternate world, could benefit from the brothers wish to rescue their mother. A logical action that could have collateral damage.

The possible return to the life of Castiel , already happened in other occasions, will also be an expectant subject, although without doubt the interest will be centered in knowing what type of threat can be the presence of Jack, the son of the devil. The look he threw at Sam left many doubts and may be a good being or carry the evil in the most intrinsic of their genes.

“Supernatural” stars Jared Padalecki (Sam Winchester), Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester), Misha Collins (Castiel), Mark Pellegrino (Lucifer) and Samantha Smith(Mary Winchester), among others.

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