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Linda Hamilton will return to “Terminator”

Linda Hamilton In Terminator


Linda Hamilton will return to “Terminator”

Linda Hamilton will reappear in the “Terminator” series for the first time since “The Last Judgment” in 1991. “Terminator” creator James Cameron announced Hamilton’s return to a private event in Los Angeles, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Cameron is producing the new film, which will be directed by Deadpool director Tim Miller. Arnold Schwarzenegger would also act. Cameron recently compared “Wonder Woman” unfavorably with Sarah Connor, Hamilton’s character in “Terminator.” Cameron called Gal Gadot’s superheroine a “dehumanized icon.”

There was a little confusion on whether a new Terminator would actually be released. Originally Terminator: Genisys was going to be the first part of a new trilogy, but its the movie didn’t go do that great at the Box Office. Many reports suggested that Paramount had gave up on the idea of any more movies; but Cameron’s renewed involvement has now ensured a new Terminator movie will be released.

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